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Rosé wines

When a white is too light and a red is too structured, the answer is often a rosé wine. Fresh, fragrant and very enjoyable until the last sip; they open up a world of gastronomic opportunities in the glass as they are very versatile in combinations: from aperitifs to fish main courses, passing through white meats and shellfish.

They represent a separate universe in all senses, from the production methods to the organoleptic qualities. They are also not very suitable for bottle aging, because they soon lose aroma and acidity, which is why they should be consumed within a few years of bottling. These characteristics, combined with freshness, unite rosé wines with classic white wines, with which they share the final stage of vinification. In practice, a rosé wine begins its vinification as if it were a red, ending it as if it were a white.

Re Calice has selected the best Italian wineries with incredible rosés in different colors, ranging from pale pink to cherry, to light pink, which can be consumed throughout the year thanks to their splendid versatility.


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