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There is no toast without bubbles. From aperitif to dessert, enhancing the aromas and flavors of finger food, cheeses, meats, meat, fish, shellfish but also fruit and desserts, because depending on the dosage, the bubbles can be combined with many dishes.

Re Calice offers an ideal quality selection to accompany every moment that, depending on the type or production method, finds an answer to your needs by marrying everyone's tastes and curiosity.

Classic Method

It consists in the transformation of wine into sparkling wine through refermentation directly in the bottle, where the added sugar and yeasts reactivate a second alcoholic fermentation, thus producing carbon dioxide which, forcibly retained in the bottle, gives the wine the traditional foam, "perlage" . A mixture of wine, sugar and selected yeasts is added to the base wine (the so-called liqueur de tirage) able to start the refermentation in the bottle.

Champenoise method

It refers exclusively to the production of champagne, in fact, a European legislation prohibits the use of the term "Champenois" to all sparkling wines produced with the same method, outside the Champagne region. The method of refermentation in the bottle has therefore taken on the name of Classic Method in Italy.

Martinotti Method (Charmat)

To speed up the production process and reduce costs that had been very high up to that moment, an Italian, Federico Martinotti, had the idea of making the wine sparkling in a large watertight container. The idea proved to be valid and it was a French engineer Eugène Charmat who built and patented the autoclaves that made possible the practical realization of the process devised by Martinotti.

With this method the refermentation takes place in an autoclave and the yeast sediment is eliminated by isobaric filtration before bottling. It is an industrial method that requires lower labor costs and shorter lead times. Given the speed of processing, the aromas and characteristics of the vines of origin are still evident in the wine; for this reason it is often used to produce sweet sparkling wines as it allows to maintain the fruity and aromatic characteristics of the grapes used.


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