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ReCalice was born from the deep conviction that wine cannot be considered a common drink, but the prodigious and healthy fruit, when taken sensibly, of a millenary and progressive culture.

A precious nectar, the invention of which is traced back to Noah, in the aftermath of the universal flood, which spanned all of antiquity: from the valiant Babylonian civilization to the fascinating Egyptian dynasties, from the most learned Greek to Roman society.

An immense heritage of experience and wisdom, developed over several generations, which joins our passionate mood, giving life to a journey into the Italian territories that express their uniqueness through wine production, which boasts numerous world records: from possession of the highest number of vitis vinifera to the highest number of quality wines, authoritatively certified by the European Community.

A wide and diverse selection of the most exclusive wineries in Italy, not only the best known, with wines that derive their wealth from the variety of territories, microclimates and characteristic vines.

ReCalice is a travel companion able to guide you to discover the best wines and perfect combinations with the dishes of your kitchen. A simple and intuitive e-commerce platform, even for those approaching the world of wine for the first time, with over 1,000 labels and guaranteed deliveries throughout Europe. 

"Wine is the Poetry of the Earth"


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