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The Bisson Agricultural Company was born in Chiavari, in 1978, from the first vinifications of Pierluigi Lugano, a sommelier with a great passion for wine and the land. It all begins with the processing in the cellar of grapes purchased in the area and progresses in a surprising way, with the continuous search for quality, the hard work in the vineyard, with methods with low environmental impact, which include, among other things, a rigorous limitation of pesticides and heroic viticulture on the terraces overlooking the sea.

The philosophy of Pierluigi and his wife Marta is to enhance the varietal characteristics and the particular Ligurian territory, to communicate the aromaticity, minerality and lively personality in their wines, recovering vineyards and experimenting winemaking.

The company produces approximately 100,000 bottles, divided between whites and reds of character, some obtained from native varieties that have almost disappeared such as the Genoese bianchetta and the Ciliegiolo, in addition to the more well-known varieties such as Vermentino, Bosco and Albarola, on vineyards spread over several plots, with sandy and gravelly soils.

  • Portofino DOC Spumante Classic Method “Abissi” 2015 - Bisson

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  • Portofino DOC Spumante Classic Method “Abissi Rosé” 2015 - Bisson

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