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Quintodecimo is a tribute to the ancient history of Mirabella Eclano. Aeclanum was a primitive settlement on the Via Appia, dating back to the Neolithic period, in the fertile valley of the Calore river. In the 2nd century AD Aeclanum became a Roman colony, but with the advent of the Lombards it was annexed to the Duchy of Benevento and, in 663, during the struggles between the Lombards and the Byzantines it was destroyed by the Greek army of Constant II and was called Quintum decimum, because it is exactly 15 miles away from ancient Benevento.

Today, Quintodecimo is a small patch of land immersed in the green Irpinia, where in a joyful harmony with nature and its enjoyment, Luigi Moio and his wife Laura have realized the fantastic dream of living in the vineyard they planted themselves, with the strong ambition to give life to great wines that are the purest expression of the crus of origin.

The Quintodecimo winery is "inside" the vineyard. This is a very important aspect, as the latency time between harvesting and mashing is almost zero, the grapes are mashed at maximum freshness and without any possibility of alteration. Furthermore, this condition responds to another fundamental requirement at the basis of wine production: vineyard and wine must represent a unitary entity in such a way as to convey the idea of eternity, of infinity.

  • Fiano di Avellino DOCG “Exultet” 2022 – Quintodecimo

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  • Taurasi DOCG Riserva “Vigna Quintodecimo” 2018 – Quintodecimo

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  • Irpinia DOC Falanghina “Via del Campo” 2022 – Quintodecimo

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  • Greco di Tufo DOCG “Giallo d’Arles” 2022 – Quintodecimo

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  • Irpinia DOC Aglianico “Terra d’Eclano” 2020 – Quintodecimo

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  • Taurasi DOCG Riserva “Vigna Grande Cerzito” 2018 – Quintodecimo

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